Do raccoons swim?

When you visit the zoo and see raccoons up close. You start to think are the thing I’ve heard about this animal true. It’s so cute and cuddly, look at that innocent face. How can an adorable animal do such mischievous things? It’s all an act, just a big fat lie. How they look is the complete opposite of what they do. Raccoons are the most destructive and annoying bunch of animal that you can ever hope to come on your property. Add to that the fact that they do all their dirty work in the dead of the night when you are asleep makes it all the more irritating. Digging holes in the garden, stealing pet food, your food, pushing down garbage cans and spreading the garbage all over the place, are just common things. So, you think, on land, raccoons have become quite adept, but what about in the water?

Why not?

Well, why not? Raccoons are one animal that is not lacking. Be it talent, skill or intelligence; raccoons have it all. So why can’t swimming be one of them? In all honesty, raccoons are fairly good even in and under water. Still, raccoons are land animals, how good can they be in water? They have a compact body with four small limbs which do make it hard to be in the water. They can steadily swim, but no swift movements are possible. Neither can they make long strides or jumps in the water. Raccoons stay in the water for a couple of hours and swim at around 8-15 miles an hour.

But why?

The reason is a little overkill but if you want to know, for food. Yeah, you heard right, they go in the water to fill their stomachs. For animals like these, it is a heavy workout to filling stomachs. They don’t just get food whenever they order. Remember these nuisances are particular when it comes to food that they are not particular at all. They can eat about anything considered food in any way. That includes molluscs, weeds and fishes in the water. Raccoons are often spotted foraging near lakes.

For people with ponds, BE WARY!

If you have a pond and it’s filled with aquatic life and plants. There is a lot more you need to protect it from than just birds. For one raccoon. Your ponds specifically contain what raccoons consider food. And that also free. It can just dive in or have at it from the banks. Don’t be surprised if the number of fishes decreases.

Dealing with Raccoons

If you hate it when raccoons come on your property, a restricting sign won’t help. You have to make it understand that it’s not allowed there creatively. Seal your garbage cans, properly secure your doors and windows (for security too) and do not leave any food or water in your yard. Cover your ponds and cage your gardens as well.

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