Do rodents enter a building through the plumbing?

Rodents are thin-tailed. You can find them all over the world. Rodents are small in size. Rodents usually survive on veggies, but some of them are meat lovers. House and brown rats usually prefer humans as their primary food source. Humans don’t like them because they search for the food in the house and can eat any food left unprotected. It can be dangerous for human health because they spread diseases which are difficult to cure. Rodents which are big in size can eat grain, or they are into insects too. Some of them survive on water creatures too because they live near water bodies. But almost 50 percent of them prefer seeds and fruits for their survival. Rodents also eat decay bodies, and it helps to balance the ecosystem.

Do they enter through plumbing?

The usual perception about rodent is that they love to live in the house because it’s kind of safe for them. Some of them are usually born inside the house, but the problem starts when they try to move into the house from outside. As we all know that, we don’t like such creatures inside our houses, but they found so many entries to slide inside your house. The entries include roof edges, gaps, and many other areas. But the worst of them is plumb lines because they carry very weird diseases with them too. Plumbing has so many things that relate to every time of drains, pipes, valves and every other source that helps in the distribution of water for drinking and other usages. It also helps in removing the wastes. Rodents are capable of using these sources because they can squeeze themselves.

How they enter through plumbing?

Usually, it happens when the valves have high water flow in them so the water from the sewerage enter the toilets or bathrooms very easily and they carry rodents with them too. Majority of them are Norway rats because they are small in size and they know how to swim like properly. As they are good swimmers, so water has no effect on them. On the other hand, you would never find any kind of black rodent species in them because they are fatter one and they can’t survive in water.

Another advantage that Norway rodents have is that they can hold their breath for like 5 minutes while they are inside the water. Also, they can survive inside the water for about 2 days which enough for them to enter your house through these plumb lines. So, the Norway rodents are the one you need to worry about.

When we talk about rooftop plumbing, black rodents are the one you need to worry about.

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